Barrister Babu 25th August 2021 Written Update : Barrister Babu Written Update

Bondita is ready to drink the spiked juice however Anirudh arrives in Krishna’s get up. Thakuma receives smitten searching at him. She tells Anirudh that Bondita will make him recognize the entirety associated with the Jhanki. Tapur says Bondita and Krishnaji are searching like actual Radha and Krishna. Bondita offers flute to Anirudh and she or he feels Anirudh’s presence after touching him. Anirudh holds the flute and says he promised her that he’ll come nowadays for certain to make the affection confession. So he’ll do it infront of absolutely each person. Bondita receives stunned after recognising him. Thakuma tells Anirudh to play Ras Leela.

Barrister Babu 25th August 2021 Written Update

Chandrachur once more offers the juice to Bondita and tells her to drink it pronouncing she can be able to experience weak. Bondita beverages it and Chandrachur smirks questioning he’ll get Bondita nowadays. Bondita thinks Anirudh must go away proper now. Anirudh says he desires to confess in the beginning to understand what Bondita wants. If she doesn’t need to just accept it then she will. As he desires to win her love and he won’t pressure himself on her.

Advertisement Chandrachur comes there and sees Anirudh and Bondita on the wheel. He says today his adoration will turn into a justification his passing. He gives a few guidelines to his watchmen and trusts that the wheel will stop. The watchmen offer cash to the wheel’s proprietors and they stop the wheel. Next Episode Written………. … Continue reading

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