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Amazon has begun to set out the famous flower petals on which its prominent pandemic-time dramatic evacuee, Coming 2 America, will at last walk; to be specific the primary trailer for the 30+ years-anticipated spin-off of Eddie Murphy’s 1988 parody exemplary.

The Paramount-delivered film, when booked to hit theaters in August 2020, met a destiny regular of the year 2020 this previous October when the studio sold dispersion rights to Amazon, which, after a new deferral, has planned the film to stream in March. Strangely, the just-dropped trailer appears to demonstrate that the America to which Murphy’s Prince Akeem Joffer will indeed come appears to be recognizable—and by “natural” we mean for all intents and purposes unaltered from the primary film. Unexpectedly, the characteristically 2020 rollout of the film will diverge from a very 1988 stylish.

The trailer for Coming 2 America begins by returning us to the anecdotal African country of Zamunda, this time with current CGI assisting with portraying new parts of the rambling quality we found in the first film. After certain scenes that obviously bear topical impact (to the point of spoof,) from a property that sprung up during the years since the principal film, The Lion King, the clasp begins serving its first aiding from a crate overflowing with delicious part berries, with a voiceover from James Earl Jones’ returning King Jaffe Joffer. The obviously deathbed-ridden sovereign gives the film’s piece, sending his quickly seat rising child, Akeem, back to America—this time not to “sow his imperial oats,” but rather to assemble the implied product of his illustrious flanks, since it is accepted he sired a child there.

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