Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23th August 2021 Written Update: Ghkkpm Written Update

Pakhi in her room recollects Samrat’s phrases and his choice to divorce her. Shivani with Mohit and Sunny walks to her and asks if she will be able to speak. Pakhi asks if she is helping Samrat right here hiding his mistake, he back after 1 yr to divorce her.

Sunny says she is wrong and that they got here right here to recognise approximately her choice. She says Samrat thinks she is the cause for him leaving the residence. Sunny says every body is aware of that Samrat left the residence after locating out approximately Pakhi and Virat’s courting,

however no one is aware of that anything there has been among Pakhi and Virat had ended because of a false impression and therefore Pakhi determined to transport beforehand in existence and agreed to marry Samrat. Pakhi says she concept identical, however she didn’t recognise that whom she desired to neglect about and pass on, she changed into going to his residence and marrying his brother. Mohit says all of them recognise approximately it and therefore no one is blaming her. She asks if Samrat leaving her subsequent day after marriage changed into justified.

Sonali, Bhavani, Omkar, and Ninad console Mansi and ask her to manipulate herself. Mansi asks the way to manipulate herself as her son back after 1 yr and took an unjustified choice, she doesn’t recognise whether or not to rejoice or mourn. Sonali says allow us to depart Pakhi and Samrat in a room and allow them to chat and desire Samrat modifications the choice. Ninad says Sonali is proper. Bhavani prays god to prevent this divorce.

Samrat asks Sai if she doesn’t have any emotions for Virat after staying with him for a yr. Sai says typically what humans see isn’t true, they may be husband and spouse in the front of own circle of relatives and now no longer in real. Samrat says eyes can’t lie and asks if there’s certainly not anything among her and Virat. Virat hears their conversation.

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