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Nima Denzongpa Full Episode 1 by Colors Tv 23rd August 2021 update

At night, Nima is upset. Her dad asks is the whole lot okay? You appearance misplaced. She says the whole lot is pleasant. He says I am 30 years older than you. Tell me. You will sense better. She says a woman were given married. What if I were given married too, what could you do? He says what? Your era says matters in their choice. Don’t even consider the guys. I won’t allow all of us come close to you. Her mother laughs however sees her face and receives upset.

Nima sits out of doors and thinks approximately the letter. Her mother comes and says Nima.. She pretends to examine. Her mother says don’t act. The harm on your coronary heart, provide it to me. You used to inform me the whole lot. I can understand. You can inform me everythign. She says nothing. Her mother sees the letter however doesn’t examine it. Nima says you examine me. She suggests her the letter. Her mother says what’s this? Nima hugs her and cries. She says sorry amma. Amma says a man fell in love with you. Why sorry? I changed into quite such as you once I changed into young. I additionally fell in love however that man left me alone. Then lifestyles delivered me on your dad. See the whole lot is pleasant now. Nima says however what if that man changed into right? Her mother says coronary heart usually says the right. Your coronary heart will direct you. This time is to examine and make your career. That man can watch for your commencement for 2 years. True love can watch for years. You and we’re associated for 18 years and also you simplest met him 2 months ago. You don’t recognize what to do. Nima says I need a lifestyles such as you and baba. Her mother says I need you to make your very own name.

The man waits on the station for Nima. His educate comes. Nima comes there. He hugs her. Nima cries. He asks what happened? Nima says sorry. I can’t depart my own circle of relatives. He says what do you mean? You can depart me? She says Suresh, it’s approximately years simplest. Please live right here. You will discover work. He says do you observed I am an idiot? I don’t need to take you farfar from your own circle of relatives. You are young. I am the eldest one at my residence. I do the whole lot there. My mother wishes me to get married. Come with me, please. She says however university has 2 years left. He says Mumbai has the largest colleges. I gets your admission executed there. She says my own circle of relatives could be so harm. He says what approximately our hearts? It could be a satisfied ending. Come with me please. Nima is confused. She remembers her mother stated her coronary heart could direct her right. He says need to I move? She stops him. She says do you’ve got got a pen and paper? He says the educate is leaving. What are you doing? She asks him to select from the fists. She reads it. Nima says promise? He says what? She says the university.. Mumbai. He says sure I promise. Nima writes a letter for her own circle of relatives and asks the shopkeetper to provide it to them. He says allow’s move, educate is leaving. Nima receives at the educate. She seems out and cries.

Suresh wakes up Nima and says we’re in Mumbai. Aai have to have come to welcome you. A female does their arti and welcomes them with band baja. He wakes up Nima. She changed into dreaming. He says we’re in Mumbai. Nima seems out. He takes her out and says it’s very crowded right here. They get down. Nima wait.. He walks fast. Nima receives misplaced withinside the crowd. She seems for Suresh and cries. Suresh involves her. Nima hugs him and cries. He says don’t cry. it’s okay. He says allow’s move.

Nima and Suresh come to his residence. He says don’t worry. Amul is my pal and his spouse is amazing. I will persuade aai, until you then definately live right here. She says however what in case your mother doesn’t agree? He says don’t consider some thing that won’t happen. We have to devise a bit. We can’t move domestic directly.

Aasha says I will simplest hold her right here for two days. Then I will kick you out as well. Amul says please. Suresh and Nima come in. Suresh says he’s my early life pal. She says I am Nima Denzongpa. Aasha says Nima what? Suresh says simply Nima. Aasha says how can I hold an single woman in my residence like this? What will human beings say? I am simplest retaining her for 2 days. After that take her. He says please. These days are like years for us. Don’t worry. Suresh says they may be very nice. You relaxation right here, I might be returned via way of means of evening. He hug caresses her face and says I might be returned. Aasha says move please. She says come in. People snigger at Aasha. She says thoughts your very own business.

Nima feels awkward. She seems across the residence. She takes to the air her jacket due to the fact it’s hot. Amul seems at her. He says water. Aasha comes. Nima asks in which is washroom? She says this isn’t a banglow. Amul says Aasha please be calm. He touches her arm. Nima feels awkward. He says come allow me display you the washroom. He takes her to the general public lavatory and says we use that. Stand withinside the queue. Nima stands there. The girls ask her to face on the returned.

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