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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update S 02 Ep 267 24th August 2021

The Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 episode begins offevolved with Kanak feeling correct seeing Anant being punished with the aid of using the mob. She says her coronary heart ache is healed however what approximately her leg ache. Pankaj tells her to use balm. Kanak says he cares approximately her so much, he need to be on her side. He says he desires to be together along with his own circle of relatives and regrets that he married Kanak. On the alternative hand, Anant says no person need to contact Gehna. The female says he touched her inappropriately at the shoulder however no person can contact his wife. Gehna catches her lie and says she in advance referred to that Anant touched her returned and pinched her. Gehna says they need to name the police and test the CCTV to peer who’s lying. The mob agrees, the female receives scared and runs away.

Gehna tells the mob that the female changed into lying, for this reason she ran away. Gehna and Anant in conjunction with Bapuji and Paresh go back home. Baa tells Radhika that she might be punished with the aid of using God for bringing issues to their own circle of relatives. Radhika tells her to hold her mouth shut. Gehna warns Radhika that she can be able to now no longer permit her plan succeed. Radhika says she can be able to now punish the own circle of relatives within the house. She asks what’s going to appear if some thing falls on their head. Gehna notices the chandelier rope breaking and the chandelier falling on Kanak and signals her. Gehna rushes and holds the rope saving Kanak. Her hand bleeds and she or he feels dizzy. Anant secures the rope and holds Gehna. Radhika writes Desai own circle of relatives attempted to kill their bahu, Anant throws away her pen.

Gehna calms Anant and makes him sit. They try and discover a manner to show Radhika however can’t think about anything. Anant nurses Gehna’s wound. Kanak confronts Radhika for placing her lifestyles in danger. Kanak says she usually supported Radhika. Radhika tells her to close up otherwise she can be able to disclose her of faking allegations towards her in-laws. Kanak walks away angry. Radhika enters the rest room and receives an electric powered surprise after touching the water tap. She shouts and accuses Anant of looking to kill her. Gehna says they won’t slump so low like her.

Radhika enters the kitchen and asks Gehna if she has blended poison in meals to kill Kanak. She makes Gehna flavor the meals and water earlier than placing the meals on Kanak’s plate. When Gehna turns, Radhika provides some thing to the meals. Gehna notices it. Radhika says she is simply including salt to the meals.

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