Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Written Update : Barrister Babu Written Update

The episode begins offevolved with Sampurna telling Bondita to extrade her thoughts as Anirudh loves her a lot, she will’t go away him alone. Bondita says she doesn’t love Anirudh. Sampurna says this isn’t always true. Why isnt she accepting her actual feelings. Sumati comes and says due to the fact I advised Bondita to swear on me for that reason she doesnt need to fulfill Anirudh. Sampurna must go away else she can be able to get killed through Krishna Nagar people. Sampurna says she doesn’t worry death. She forces Sumati to stab her. Sumati frees her hand and says shouts at her. Bondita tells Sampurna to swear on Saswati and Binoy that she won’t pressure her once more to just accept love for Anirudh. Sampurna says love doesn’t recognize any boundaries, it’ll develop with time and noone can be capable of forestall it. Tomorrow at the event of Janmashtami Bondita will recognize this very well. She has to make a smart decision.

Bondita receives misplaced in mind and Anirudh calls her. He says is she crying due to him. Bondita says she has not anything left here, Anirudh assumes she is crying as she goes a long way from him. Bondita says she will stay with out him. She won’t die. Anirudh says however he’ll die with out her. Bondita says you continue to need to be the purpose of my ache to which Anirudh says he desires to be the purpose of her smile. He informs Bondita that he’s coming to fulfill Bondita on Janmashtami tomorrow. He will confess his like to her and noone can forestall him. Bondita cautions him and tells him now no longer to return back as Thakuma will create scene however Anirudh disconnects the call.

Bondita and others pray to Krishna ji. Tapur compliments Bondita. Bondita says for Jhanki they want Krishna. She tells Tapur to name him however later they get to understand Krishna won’t come because the individual is sick. Chandrachur says he waited for Bondita these kind of years and now he’ll win her lower back once more.

Anirudh says he won’t fail this time. He will persuade Bondita and could confess his love for her. He is ready to go away however unearths that the door is locked. He calls a person to open the door. Bihari comes and Trilochan says he locked the door as Bondita knowledgeable him approximately Anirudh’s go to in Krishna Nagar so he stopped him. Trilochan says its their duty to assist Bondita as they gave the thought that she won’t face any trouble at the same time as attaining London. So Anirudh can be interior for twenty-four hours and there can be guards who will hold eyes on him. Trilochan says he’ll carry out remaining ceremony ritual of Bondita. Today he’ll stop all sort of dating and reference to her. Anirudh receives stunned.

Thakuma asks Bondita she made arrangements for going to London or now no longer. She says its done. Chandrachur makes an evil plan. He makes a decision to spike Bondita’s juice as a way to make Bondita lose her thoughts and she or he will are looking for love. At that point he’ll take Bondita to room and could get united with her.

Sampurna gadgets to Trilochan’s concept and Anirudh says his love for Bondita is past the entirety. It won’t be much less due to those chains, boundaries and such stupid things. Anirudh unearths a manner to pop out of the room. Bondita receives busy in Janmashtami paintings and Chandrachur offers the juice to her. Anirudh creates a few short-circuit and absolutely each person assumes there’s fire. Anirudh frees himself the use of that trick.

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